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History and heritage naturally go hand in hand, and the desire to preserve the former is generally maintained by preserving the latter. Singer, songwriter and musician Marty Falle knows that all too well. His connection to the traditional music of Appalachia was spawned from spending much of his time after graduating from college living in Kentucky, the place where bluegrass was born. Now living on a farm in Eastern Kentucky, he’s thoroughly absorbed the music, culture and influences of that storied region, and in the process, made them his own.

Falle’s producer, Grammy winner Jonathan Yudkin, sums it up succinctly. “Marty seeks stories, history, legends, and paths in creativity… His fresh sound comes from the fact that he is not trying to emulate bluegrass bands of the past or present. Instead, he is creating his songs out of his love of music, unfettered by the influence of other artists. That’s what I enjoy the most about working with him. His songs are always unpredictable and surprising…”

That, then, is the essence of an artist who’s not only impacted by history and heritage, but one who effectively moves those foundations forward as well. He’s an Appalachian original and a dedicated contributor to Americana music in general.
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